Writer On Retainer Division (W.O.R.D)

In order to save clients money and time, I created the Writer On Retainer Division (W.O.R.D) program. The program is designed to have a writer on a monthly retainer for a fee for a pre-determined number of articles or other content. It’s easy to sign up and it saves clients time and money. cont.,

Seven Tips to Find the Best Writer for Your Project

Finding the best writer for your project is not always easy. In fact, as a professional copywriter one of the most frequent questions I get asked by clients is, “How do I find a good writer?” My response is that they should be asking is, “How do I find the best writer for my project?” cont.,


The Writer You Need

I write Creative, Persuasive and Powerful content that will turn a curious website browser into a customer. I achieve this by understanding your product or service and your target group. I write content that will persuade consumers to contact you.
You name it, I can write it--articles, press releases, webpages, sales letters, newsletters, magazine articles and corporate communications content.

Here's how I do it:      

1) Be creative. No one likes to read dull, boring copy. I believe any product or service can be exciting—to the right people, otherwise known as your target group.

2) Persuasive. Show, don’t tell how you are what they are looking for. Highlight the benefits of your business to get them interested in what you have to sell.

3) Powerful. Great content shows excitement and passion about what you are selling. If you aren’t enthusiastic, don’t expect a potential customer to be either!

We should work together!

Sabrina (Writergirl)

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